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Meet the Owners

Galaxie Craft Brewhouse is owned by a local White Rock family who have deep ties in the community since 1997. Doug and Lisa have two wonderful kids who are all grown up now and will be helping out at the brewery.

Doug's brewing journey had humble beginnings. Starting in the garage with homemade coolers, propane burners, pots and kettles from the kitchen, and chilling coils attached to the garden hose. Packaging was done using 1L Howe Sound flip top bottles picked up by Craigslist sellers all over greater van. Enjoying the hobby so much he eventually talked Lisa into letting him buy some commercial brewing equipment and the rest is history!

Doug is obsessive and won't quit until his beer is just right. This may mean several years of tweaking his grapefruit IPA until its nailed down tight! Doug likes experimenting with new age hops, pumpkin, strawberries, blueberries, apricot, pomegranate, grapefruit, mango, passionfruit, chocolate, vanilla, molasses, honey, and spices to make some truly unique beers. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do and trust us we enjoy a lot of them!


The Card Family

Owners | Galaxie Craft Brewhouse


Family Owned Local Craft Brewhouse

Galaxie Craft Brewhouse is a family owned and operated craft brewery right on west beach in White Rock BC.


Doug Card | Galaxie Brewmaster


Lisa Card | Galaxie Operations


Hailey and Dawson | Owners in training


Luna | Galaxie K9

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